A Tiburón de Sol, also known as Sun Shark when translated in English, is a creature with the characteristics that are most commonly associated with dolphins. The Sun Shark like the dolphins roams the depths of the ocean in a pod for protection. Their pod size is usually 30 to 60 Sun Sharks. These Sun Sharks’ population is at moderate levels; however, are exceptionally rare to spot because the Sun’s rays create a glare on the Sun Sharks’ skin during the day. In additional these Sun Sharks are mainly located in the Indian Ocean at depth of one thousand meters and below. These depths are unreachable for any human without the protection of a submarine.

        The Sun Shark in recent years has created a sensation among the scientific world because very little is known about these creatures. Fortunately, technology has progressed to a level that allows scientist to go these depths to study these Sun Sharks. Scientist has discovered that unlike other sharks, the Sun Shark lays eggs instead of giving birth to live pups. On average, a female Sun Shark lays about 10 to 30 eggs, but only about 3 eggs actually hatch because of the harsh environment that these Sun Shark exist in.

        The male Sun Shark is massively larger than the female Sun Shark. The male Sun Shark weighs about ten thousand pounds and grows to a length of 18 feet while the female Sun Shark weighs about three thousand pounds and grows to a length of 10 feet. The males are massive because they hunt large prey like the blue whale, which their diets mostly consist of. At this moment and time, scientist are currently still researching and studying this amazing, but out of the ordinary Shark specie. 

Contributed by Khali Ghafoori