SuperCharger Station One is a phone charger that charges smartphones in 5 seconds or less.  It was invented by James Pham, an engineering student at San Jose State University, on November 17, 2015.  The prototype is located next to the sidewalk on the northern end of San Jose State Campus adjacent to Clark Hall.

The SuperCharger Station One will have a six month trial period before scaling to production and installing the SuperCharger in every classroom.

The SuperCharger is a small obelisk that measures 6 inch width by 6 inch depth by 36 inch height.  The phone capacity is 12 smart phones and can charge all 12 phones in under 5 seconds.

The SuperCharger Station One has a rechargeable battery that is light and solar powered.  It works both outdoors and indoors.  The mini solar panels are protected with a hard polymer and require a simple wipe with a rag every few days.  The SuperCharger Station One weighs 14 pounds and can be properly secured to concrete, wood, brick or tile.  The SuperCharger Station One is made up of a fiberglass composite material that is expected to last for over 60 years. 

James Pham created the SuperCharger Station One to avoid having to find and plug in his phone and having to wait an hour for a full charge.

James Pham is currently in talks with Motorola, Google, and Verizon for licensing agreements although Pham is also interested in working with investors to produce and sell the SuperCharge Station One.

By: Jaime Ledesma