Super Magical Orange Flower Seeds

The super magical orange flowers seeds are seeds that come from a orange flower garden in San Jose, California inside San Jose State University. The flowers magically appeared on campus in 1976. The flowers are known to release magical seeds. Consumption of the seeds are known to cause superhuman abilities in those who consume them. 

The orange flowers have been on campus since 1976 but did not start releasing seeds until 1984 when the flowers magically grew from 3 inches to their current height of 8 inches. The flowers are present 365 days a year and have never died. They do not lose color and release seeds at random. There is no set period when the seeds are released and there is no clear pattern when the seeds are going to be released from the flower. The only noticeable pattern is that the seeds are usually released 10-20 days out of the year. Each day a seed is released only about 10 seeds are released on that day.  Once the seeds are released, they remain effective for 10 min unless put in water. The seed has been proven to remain effective for up to a year if kept in water.Thousands flock from all over the world to see the flowers and possibly collect a seed. 

To this day, because of the randomness of the seed releases, only 41 seeds have been collected successfully. Many have consumed the seed, others have sold it and one was donated to science. The seed is believed to be the cause of 23 reported super humans in the world. The seeds cause super strength, x-ray vision, increased speed and jumping abilities and enhanced intelligence.