Recently, around the campus of SJSU, something super scary has been sighted. Many college students walking to their night classes have felt a strange presence around the area. "I've seen it!", one student exclaimed, "It's black, it's big, it's hairy and it's SUPER SCARY," (B. Bobby, personal interview, September 2, 2014). No one knows what exactly what this creature does, which makes it all the more frightening. Gentleman Magazines, a local on campus print, described this creature as a "beast that closely resembles a dog with butterfly wings," (Flappy, 2014, p.60). The only thing that people and articles mention about their encounter with the Super Scary Monster, is that they poo whenever they see a glimpse of it.

Berry shares his experience of going on a dinner date at Burger Palace, near the campus of SJSU. He had done everything to impress this girl he was having dinner with, from looking fresh and clean, to sounding intelligent through their conversations. "Everything was going great during our date," he sobbed, "But as soon as I saw this black hairy monster outside the window, I pooped in my pants!!" (C, Berry, personal interview, September 3,2014). Expert, Macby, States that, "4 out of 5 people poop when they see this monster and that is the reason for 7 out of 10 ruined dates," (M. Macby, telephone interview, spetember 3, 2014). It is advised to stay cautious around the campus of SJSU, for that is where the Super Scary Monster lurks.


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Bryan Yen

and Sorayda Montano