On a hot summer's day, there was a family who took their children to the park. The children were playing happily and they were all laughing and the adults were making a barbecue and talking about life and how happy they are to be with one another. Suddenly, a little girl, Shannon, screamed on the top of her lungs and she could be heard from across the playground to where the parents were sitting. Shannon had just seen a super scray monster which was black, hairy, huge, and looked like half dog and half butterfly.This monster barked, yet flew at the same time. It was stepping on everybody's cars, , eating the other animalsAll the little kids ran to their parent's and the parents did not know what to do so they decided to get their pans, spatulas, and forks. The parent's wanted to fight with this creature but they did not know how to kill it or even how to stop it.