The Extinction of Dinosaurs How many crazy theoretical stories do you hear of the extinction of Dinosaurs? From volcanoes to frozen tundra’s you can’t have a definitive answer. But after much research from me and my team we now have one conclusive answer, the real evidence all points to one man destroying an asteroid the size of Jupiter in order to save earth. That man is Clark Kent or another name most people know him by is Superman. He walks among us as a normal human, but he has been on this earth for thousands of years saving us from destruction and in his peak form he had to sacrifice the life of Dinosaurs for the world to become what it is today. At the end of the day this was his defining moment, and this is his story of how Superman saved the world by making all Dinosaurs extinct. Based on the dimensions of the asteroid it’s radius was nearly 43,440 miles about the size of Jupiter’s. Scientifically speaking the only physical force input that can destroy that size of matter is Superman’s punch. Only his speed which can reach up to Mach 9350 multiplied by his force output is the only scientific reason the Asteroid crumbled into thousands of pieces ultimately spraying hot debris all over the Earth killing nearly every organism on earth. Historically speaking no one was around to witness this great feat so providing visual proof is ruled out. But in Superman’s Biography he claims to be 100 million years old and the extinction occurred around 66 million years ago with that said all facts point to him being the sole reason Dinosaurs became extinct. In the end Superman is dealing with the conflicted emotions of killing off all the Dinosaurs from that time period but his efforts have given us the opportunity to live the life we lead today.

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