Superman was born Kal-El to parents Jor-El and Lara-El in the planet Krypton. In hope of saving their only child Jor-El and Lara-El send Kal-El to planet Earth. In planet Earth Kal-El is discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent from Smallville, Kansas. There he is raised as Clark Kent. While growing up Clark discovers his unique superhuman powers. After learning about his real identity Clark Kent decides to use his supernatural abilities for good and a hero is born.

Clark Kent lives a double life as reporter and crime fighter. Under his secret identity he works as a reporter at the Daily Planet in the city of Metropolis. His alter ego Superman as he is famously known as protects people from evil. His powers include flying, super-strength and heat vision.

Along the way he has found himself some enemies who wish to destroy him. Among those enemies the most powerful one is Lex Luther. Luther’s whole purpose is to demolish Superman. Nonetheless Superman refuses to give up and continues to fight evil one criminal at a time. He has inspired other superheroes to follow his steps. A member of the Justice League and Legion of Superheroes Superman continues to protect planet Earth from villainy.

Brianda Acosta