Super Man “Man of Steel”

Superman, who is a 20th century American comic book superhero. Superman was first created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Joseph Shuster. Nicknamed the “Man of Steel” has been arguably one of the most famous superhero’s created up to date. It took time for this series to pick up exposure over decades and decades as many radio shows, animated films, cartoons, television series, and motion pictures had to be made.

As the story goes on, he was sent to Earth as a newborn by his parents due to the destruction of their planet Krypton. His alien ship flew into Earth and he was picked up by his soon to be American parents, the Kent’s who named him Clark. As he was growing up his powers became more and more evident. Being able to fly, how to control his unlimited strength and x ray vision were all obstacles he did to overcome. Is invulnerable to anything his enemy throws at him except for the source his planet was made from, Kryptonite. Since he grew up on Earth he became unadjusted to Kryptonite. As time went on and his powers became more noticeable to the public. Superman had to portray a dual identity and work as a reporter at the Daily Planet where him and Lois Lane became more than friends. This dual identity became a real big saga to the comic book readers as home. As Superman’s popularity amongst other comic book hero’s.

Anoop Kang