Actor. San Francisco, California 1994- Present

Birthday: February 14th, 1994

Parents: Thomas and Delila Dari

Singer with Chuck Buck. 2008: First cinematic: The Getaway Car. Early films mainly for Warner Bros Studios and Paramount Studios.  2009-2010 in Britain for the newest Harry Potter Film. Two films in Ireland and one film in Norway, then mostly in the United States ( Los Angeles) for mostly minor roles until breakthrough role as “ Slade”  in the film “ Her Coldest Eyes” (2014). Co-wrote the script for “ Hazels Last Breakthrough” and “ My Time With Him”. Was nominated for an Oscar and won at the 2015 Oscar’s Award Ceremony for the category for “ Actor in Leading Role”. Was also nominated for “ Actor for Best Supporting Character” in the film “ Before We Part Ways” as  the character “ Hyland Lancaster”.

Cinematic films that actor has also cameoed in: 2009:  That Guy Down the Street; Blackbeard's Castle;The Foo Rangers;  My Friend Josh; Break out!. 2010: Mr. Singleton; Breakout 2!; Comerford; Back In My Day; Where The Hell Is Jake!;  Harley And Me, Diary Of The Pimpy Kid. 2. 2011: Me, Myself, and I; Hello Neighbor; That’s My Car Dude!; The Fault In My Cars; That Day In My Prom Life; It Just Aint Right; I’ll be Gone. 2012: She Stole My Eyes And Caught My Heart; I’ll Be Fine; It Wasn’t Meant To Be

Discographies that actor has cameoed in:: 2011: Fallback My Dear; Justine’s Soul. 2013: It All Falls Down;  Townies; We Live In Cities; I Thought She Knew; My Only Wish.

Sriram Poodari