During the housing meltdown of 2008 many people lost money, homes, and businesses. The housing market had crashed because of adjustable-rate mortgages and the ease it was to take out loans during the time before. But one man found a way around it. Charles Xavier was hurt hard by the housing market meltdown and lost everything he had. He was living on the streets and sleeping on sidewalks. But during this time, he wasn’t just being a normal bum, he was formulating a takeover. He survived on the streets until 2010.

During the same time he was living on the street there were numerous companies releasing their first rounds of stocks. Snap Inc. had its initial public offering (IPO) on September 12, 2009 and opened at about $24 a share. By the time the stock market closed, Snap’s stock was worth about $26 a share and a person by the name of Charles Xavier owned majority share of Snap Inc. It turned out Charles Xavier wasn’t as broke as he made himself out to be. When he lost his business and house he took his remaining money and put it into off shore bank accounts. He had hidden about $10,000 in offshore accounts. He took this money and invested little by little till he had enough money invested in stocks to sell his whole portfolio and ultimately have one million in cash. He then took his cash and invested in Snap Inc.. Now the date is September 20, 2017 and Snap Inc. is worth $16.95 billion and Charles Xavier is majority shareholder in the corporation. Charles Xavier the man who hit rock bottom and climbed back up to become a multi billionaire.