The Sweat Suit was created by Gator Tator, a famous socialite that had a medical issue with uncontrollable sweating. The Sweat Suit was manufactured to be able to convert sweat into safe drinking water. The Sweat Suit is able to do so by converting molecular molecules into sustainable hydrogen dioxide. The process is a delicate infusion of chemical transfusions that materializes at the abdominal area of the users body. Once that process is completed, the suit moves the hydrogen dioxide through a tube in the suit and into a pouch. The pouch and tubes are intertwined into the suit so as not to cause any abrasions. Invented in 2015, the suit hit domestic markets in 2016, reaching success as the ultimate suit for the casual man. After mediocre success in international markets, Gator Tator decided to invent the spin-off to Sweat Suit called Get It Right Get It Tight yoga pants that actually cause people to exercise. Since its entrance into the suit market, many competitors have tried to make their own rendition of this product. However, no product has been able to match the uncanny success of the Sweat Suit. The item has been so popular that production has been moved to include police uniforms, fireman suits, and any other service industry garment. It should be noted that starting in 2018 all professional sports teams will include the Sports Suit, another rendition of the Sweat Suit that allows players to not only sweat into their uniforms but also pee into them. A requirement requested by the Nascar association.