SweetVille is an enchanted town located in Northern California, where all of the Earth’s candy originates. SweetVille covers 10,000 acres (15.625 square miles) and is designed to have a shape of a gumdrop. Since the 1800’s, SweetVille had been a town that is populated with candy loving workers who manufactures candy for living. There is an abundant amount of candy in the city that the whole town is literally made up of it. This vibrant town consists of colorful cotton candy trees, chocolate fountains, and gumdrop hills. Not only can you smell these sweet fragrances in the air but you can taste the delicious goodness as well. With every taste, smell, sound, and touch, SweetVille is guaranteed to lighten up your day.

In 1908, Baby Ruth Jr., the mayor of SweetVille, open his town up for guests to watch how they make candy and to visit their fascinating town. By the time countless of visitors saw how amazing this town was, more and more people started to visit. As a result, Baby Ruth Jr. decided to create half of SweetVille to consist of candy theme rides. On June 3rd, 1923, SweetVille opened a resort full of candy theme rides such as, the Haunted Dentist, the Sweet Flying Fairy, and the Chocolate Riverboat. It was an innovative development that kept SweetVille an attraction for all people and ages worldwide to come and visit.

SweetVille was once a town full of generous people who love creating sugar candy and treats for America. Although half of the town is still SweetVille residents, they open their home for guest to come and enjoy their candy land as well. SweetVille is not only a residential area or a global candy-manufacturing base, but it became an entertainment resort for people to come see where their worldwide candy comes from. The lovely sweetness and aroma that this town brings makes SweetVille one of the most visited resorts with an attendance of 45.3 million annually. It is a place where there are crafty candy possibilities and creative imaginations for all.