Nobody knows T-Nastyman’s, the vulgar superhero savior of Pleasure Hills, true identity. Some theorize that he may be the superhero alter-ago of acclaimed rapper T-Nasty, using his statements such as “I am the superhero alter-ego of acclaimed rapper T-Nasty as evidence”, but no-one is certain. What is certain however is that T-Nastyman and his sidekick The Bounty Hooker, have both wrecked, and saved the city of Pleasure Hills, in equal measure. The mayor of the formerly quite town of Pleasure hills had this to say about T-Nastyman, “I don’t support vigilante justice in any form, especially when it involves throwing a bus full of nuns into a building in an attempt to thwart a bank robbery”. T-Nastyman was unavailable to comment on the bus throwing incident.

T-Nastyman is notorious for other high profile incidents such as the April 13th, 2012 incident of tying up vegan kidnappers and force feeding them meatloaf. T-Nastyman has also gotten in trouble over his penchant for actively mocking do-gooders, and for vandalizing public property. Fellow superhero The Clean Freak has stated that she spends more time cleaning up after T-Nastyman’s reckless than actually saving anyone. Since erecting his lair in the shape of a giant statue of himself in the middle of town on November 8th, 2009, T-Nastyman has received 162 noise complaints, 32 charges for the illegal use of a T-shirt cannon, and 1 count of loitering which he vehemently denies having done. T-Nastyman was last seen spray painting his face on Pandas at the zoo.