The Skyfugia was built in Los Angeles, California, on January 2016. It is the product of an aircraft company named AeroMobil and is the only flying vehicle with the ability to reach earth’s atmosphere. The Skyfugia is black and gold and contains 200 night lights around its body. The flying vehicle’s speed maximizes at 500 miles per hour when fully charged. There is no market for the Skyfugia; however, its value is estimated to be around 50 million dollars.

The Skyfugia was designed by Dan Emerson and Nick Butler over the span of two years. Then a group of twenty, airplane and power plant mechanics, built and assembled the vehicle from May 2006 to January 2016. According to the Skyfugia mechanics, the vehicle is in an anonymous location, with hopes that no one duplicates the model.

The Skyfugia is self flown; simply, enter the destination on the GPS. The Skyfugia’s seats can be converted into beds for long air travels. There is also a bathroom and a hot tub located in the back of the vehicle. Behind the seats, there are two television sets with unlimited movies. The vehicle also has lifetime internet access. According to CEO Dan Emerson, the Skyfugia has a limit of 50 hours on air after being fully charged. Nevertheless, drivers are not permitted to flying beyond 25 hours. In case of an emergency, the vehicle contains 3 parachutes. The air vehicle has two wings measuring 5 meters in length and 2 meters in height.

The Skyfugia is also capable of driving on streets, highways, mountains, and on water. Because it is self driven, the Skyfugia contains an alarm signifying other cars are extremely close by. Fortunately, the Skyfugia is legally allowed to fly over traffic. The vehicle is also capable of traveling on water. It is water-fuelled and does not need to be charged before traveling on water. Additionally, the Skyfugia operates like a submarine. Unlike flying, the vehicle has no underwater limit. The Skyfugia is able to navigate as deep and as far as possible.

The Skyfugia took ten years to complete. Much of the process was decelerated due to safety inspections and regulations. The Skyfugia is owned and patented by AeroMobil. CEO Dan Emerson said, AeroMobil is striving to innovate and hopefully send the Skyfugia to space.

Armando De La Mora