Rumor is said that there is a mobile suit called Taekwondo V in Korea, right under the Korean White House. The Taekwondo V isn’t one hundred percent complete. There are still lots of test to be made before it is launched to protect the nation. It said that Taekwondo V was created by a top secret company that goes by U8282 that works closely with the government. Rumored is said that when Korea is facing a danger the Korean White House will split in half and Taekwondo V will  fly out from underground.

It is mentioned that the Taekwondo V was being produced in 1950’s, five years after the World War 2. Korea have created this mobile suit to protect the citizen and nation from threats from other nations especially from North Korea. The mobile suit stands 60-foot tall and weighs about 43.7 metric tons. The Taekwondo V is controlled through a driver that will have to sit in the cockpit of the mobile suit. The mobile suit will move whatever the driver commands it to do.  It is told that The mobile suit will be able to move like a human and would have all the features of a human like fingers and foot. 

Alex Chong