Taisho Yamasaki (山﨑 大将 Yamasaki Taisho, born November 18,1683 in Niokansa, Okinawa) is a barber. He is known for ageless appearance. Taisho Yamasaki’s physical and mental characteristics appear young for their biological age. Taisho Yamasaki has a twin brother Sota Yamasaki(山﨑 蒼汰 Yamasaki Sota, 18 November 1683 – 8 August 1750) . Taisho Yamasaki has exactly the same appearance and ageless characteristic with his brother Sota Yamasaki which arouse a fierce controversial during the Kyōhō (享保), years from July 1716 through April 1736. The doctor Nikaido (二階堂) published his study about Yamasaki brothers on located science journal on 5 January 1855(Ansei 安政). After this study aroused public opinions. Taisho Yamasaki disappeared. Doctor Nikaido’s grandson, Shuji Nikaido(二階堂 修司)  once reported to news paper that he met Yamasaki at a barbershop in Okinawa, and gave the news agency Yamasaki’s photo. The news agency did not post the photo. One of the journalist, (Ninomiya 二宮) secretly sent this photo to Okinawa’s police office, and went to the barber shop in Okinawa. No one found Taisho Yamasaki. Shuji Nikaido and the journalist Ninomiya fined huge amount of money due to disseminating false information.

Taisho Yamasaki has only one brother Sota Yamasaki died in 1750. Taisho Yamasaki has no child. His brother Sota has one daughter and two son. According to the description of Taisho’s doctor Nikaido, Taisho Yamasaki wear glasses and has brown curly long hair up to shoulders. Different with normal person, Taisho does not have any winkles on his face, but he is a strong 5 feet 10 inches men. Taisho is a left hand writer, the doctor Nikaido mentioned that he has vey good handwriting and write words in old traditional style.