Some of you might have heard of the name“ Satoshi Nakamoto” who is well known as the inventor of BitCoin. The Bitcoin foundation announced last year that the idea of the BitCoin network was given by his father, Takeshi Nakamoto. It was given to Satoshi Nakamoto as the last present of his life as Takeshi Nakamoto passed away in 2008 due to pneumonia. He was 72 years old.

Bitcoin is known as a decentralized cryptocurrency. This way of thinking, decentralization, is based on Takeshi’s old experiences. His family had very struggled with their lives because the economy was very bad at the time due to the loss of the war at the time. He really thought and realized that the value of currency controlled by the government was very easily badly affected by the silly decision of the government. As a result, it took a long time to recover the economy.

As Takeshi Nakamoto grew up older, he went to a Tokyo University and got the degree of mathematics. He became a scientist of cryptography and work in the laboratory. He had some knowledges of programming as well. After he worked there in a couple of years, his first child, Satoshi Nakamoto, was born when Takeshi turned 30. After working as a cryptography scientist for 15 years, he decided to become a professor at the University of Tokyo. He had a great family and life as the economy was recovering from the recession.

But it turned out that Takeshi Nakamoto was diagnosed his early-stage pneumonia when he was 52 years old. His child, Satoshi Nakamoto, was 22 years college computer science student. Takeshi decided to go back and work on the last project that he had been most interested. It was cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto helped his father and worked together to build the most influential innovation later on. But the condition of pneumonia got worse after year and year. Takeshi passed away in 2008 before publishing the first version of Bitcoin.

Ryujiro Yoshioka