Takumi Fujiwara(藤原拓海 Fujiwara Takumi, born May 8, 1981) is currently a famous Japanese street racer. He was known as the “King of the Street” back in his street racing days on the streets of Kyoto. His trade mark vehicle was a panda colored AE86 Trueno and was skilled in moving at tight corners downhill on Mt Akina.


Takumi Fujiwara was born in Kyoto, Japan to Bunta Fujiwara , a former secretly knowned racer, and a Fujiwara Tofu Shop owner, and a un-named mother. During his childhood, his mother passed away, and his father raised him by himself. His childhood was any other childhood up until he was 13.

Formations of a Driver

When Takumi was 13 years old, his father taught him how to drive a car which was the AE86 Trueno so that he can deliver tofu to the hotels on the otherside of Mt Akina. In the mindset of Takumi, since he was forced to do this kind of work, he thought his skills as an driver were normal.

First stage

During one faithful day in May 1999, A group of street racers were practicing in advance to face off against another team. During one of their training sessions, they noticed that a white Trueno drove past them , and was doing unbelievable skills at fast speeds down the mountain. To the team, they thought they were being challenged, and asked around to find the owner of the white Trueno and issue him a challenge.

When news broke out to his father, his father forced him to go out  that night and deliver tofu to the hotels earlier than before. Bunta Fujiwara knew that Takumi will be able to win without realizing what he his doing. By the time Takumi got to the race, the winner was already decided.

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