The talking dog is a subspecies of regular dogs with a rare genetic mutation. The term “talking dog” refers to its unique ability to speak like a human. This new species has no different physical characteristics from a typical dog; except for talking dogs have diamond shaped paw prints rather than triangle shaped paw prints.

Intelligence and behaviorEdit

The language the dog is able to learn and speak is based on the location it is in. For example, if the dog is from the U.S., most likely it will speak English. The talking dog has a level of social intelligence that is uncommon in the animal world. The closest another animal has come to speaking is a talking bird, but even then the bird can only mimic human speech. The talking dog has been observed to speak two languages and has the potential to learn more than two. Even though the talking dog can speak, its behavior develops the same way a regular dogs would. It is determined by genetic factors as well as environmental factors. The learning curve and level of speech with each talking dog varies. Common basic phrases heard by the talking dog include “Squirrel!” or “I am hungry”.


The first talking dog was reported in the beginning of 2013 in Los Angeles, CA. It has since spread to every corner of the globe. Any other reports on the talking dog existing before are unknown.

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