Colton Brown


Comm. 100W

The Tasmanian Griffin

From the beautiful island of Australia hails a creature like no other. Tony the griffin is one of the strongest, most versatile creatures on the planet. It has an extremely powerful upper body, which resembles that of an eagle. Tony’s most unique feature is its beak, which is used to catch and devour its prey. Lastly, the griffin has wings, which he uses to travel to different parts of the world in search of his long lost wife Amy.  

During the early 1800’s the Griffin was known as the most powerful creature in the world and was feared by many. King Hilderbrand had over 10,000 pounds of gold in his possession, but didn’t have anyone to guard the treasure. Therefore, armies from the south would constantly steal hundreds of pounds of his gold. The King looks for Tony, but he is impossible to find considering that it is prime time hunting season in the Australian forest.

King Hilderbrand finally captures Tony by setting a 2,000-pound metal cage trap near the griffin’s main hunting grounds. The King tells Tony that he is aware of his search for love and has Amy captive in the basement. Hilderbrand orders Tony to successfully guard his castle and kill any man/creature that attempts to steal the gold.

Tony successfully guards the gold for 364 days straight with absolutely no sleep. He loses track of days and falls asleep during his last hours of duty. While in his slumber, three gorillas attack, and severely injure Tony. They then proceed to steal all of the gold from the castle. Out of anger, King Hilderbrand kills Amy in front of Tony. He then requires Tony to remain at the castle locked up for the rest of his days.

Word Count: 300