Tech Valley located in the secluded South East hills of Techville, also known as the most technologically advanced region of the world, is where the wealthiest people in the world live. According to expert economist, Ramiro De la Rosa Ramirez, 75% of the United States’ contribution to Wall Street comes from the Tech Valley itself. The United States Secret Service has taken some action to protect Tech Valley, since such a high percentage of the nation’s income comes from it. After taking into consideration the devastating drops in our economy, the Secret Service decided to take their protection underground.

This is part of the reason why the South East hills location was selected for Tech Valley. This strategic location has allowed the government to establish a village bunker. The bunker has a reinforced layer of 10-inch stainless steel as the first visible layer, visible only when 50 feet underground. Below this is a non-penetrable layer of a top secret material from NASA used to identify potential leaks that could have resulted from a natural disaster or malicious terror attack to what is known to be Tech Valley.

Tech Valley’s bunker is a self-sustaining structure in which residents are able to live worry free. Residents are able to grow their own organic food and have all necessary materials and resources accessible to them.

5 years ago, on April 14, 2009, there was an attack on Tech Valley. Tech Valley was originally in the North West hills of Techville, but because of this attack it was moved to its current location. If this were to happen again, then depending on the Tech Valley’s damage the Secret Service would decide if the bunker city would replace the original one, that was now damaged, in another area of Techville. The latest Lift Heavy 9000 Hydraulic System could easily free the Bunker city to be brought up in Black Knight 5000 helicopters and relocated to a new region. This would all happen while the tech innovation continues.

Raul Almanza