Apple 7, Editing and Uploading

Steve Jobs was a technology entrepreneur who transformed the world of electronics. He is most recognized by his invention of the IPhone, which simultaneously combined the use of a portable computer and phone. This permanently changed the way humanity communicates with each other. Even though he has since deceased his technology empire continues to thrive. Recently the Chief Executive Officer, David Tran, has announced some new features with the latest IPhone being released. The IPhone seven set to be released on January 31, 2017 will include features of uploading and editing one's memory. This feature has been in the prototype stage since before Steve Jobs passed. The utility patent needed for this component of the IPhone has not had the whole support of PAN. PAN has expressed concerns of security if someone’s memory fell into the wrongs hands. What would be the proper procedure if the head of military’s memory got seized by those who wanted to harm. This caused significant delay, this feature set to have been released in the fall of 2013. Tran has also stated this new advancement in technology will allow for memory to be remembered to exact detail. He expresses how much further we would’ve advanced if we could have uploaded the mind of Einstein or even Jobs. Since Jobs died while this feature was still in the prototype stages his mind was  not able to be preserved. Editing one's memory will be crucial to victims who suffer post traumatic stress disorder. Imagine those who have fought in war being able to erase their suffering. By buying the new IPhone seven they will be able to upload and then edit their memory. This is a great advancement to assist those who have been through a traumatic experience. The goals of Apple, stated by Tran, “To make life as effortless as possible.” Since these upgrades are so valuable the price has been adjusted. The IPhone seven will set you back by $3,608.

Jia Giuliano