Subject: lights in the corners of the classroom

The Anti-ADD Apparatus, or AAA, was invented by Russian scientist Boris Gorlikov in 2010. The AAA's purpose is to send infrared waves to any living organism within a set radius and alter the organism's brainwaves to put it in a state of euphoria. This product is mostly in use within school systems from K-12 and even in colleges and universities. Recently, tech companies in the Silicon Valley have been experimenting with this device and putting it into use in company meetings. Studies show that these companies, such as Google and Yahoo!, have doubled their profits since experimenting with the AAA. Schools and businesses use the machine to keep students and employees still in their seats during classes or meetings.

Even though the AAA was invented in 2010, Gorlikov waited until 2013 to release it to the civilian market due to glitches in the brainwave mechanism. In the testing stages of the machine, rats used as experimental subjects would suddenly turn violent and attack each other viciously. Once the brainwave mechanism was fixed, Gorlikov immediately released the product to the public market and its popularity has only gone upwards since. 

Submitted by: Paolo Ynchausti