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Abominable SnowmanEdit

If you visit Lake Tahoe apparently in the South part of the lake, it is rumored that the abominable snowman lives in a shiny ice cavern.  The abominable snowman stands eight feet tall and they range up to about 10ft tall in height.  Usually these creatures don’t come out unless they are hungry for human flesh but if you walk quietly pass their cave you should be ok. 

The abominable snowman came to live in Lake Tahoe in the year 1980 and he has lived in that very cavern for about 23 years.  They aren’t friendly creatures one sudden movement and you are a soon to be a goner.  It is said that if you are passing his cave to go into town you can hear him roaring inside the cave where he is devouring his latest victim.  People who want to go into South Lake Tahoe have to drive into town.  If they walk you won’t be able to out run the abominable snowman because their four legs legitimately will out last your measly two legs.

However, there is a decoy to getting past the awful Yeti.  The decoy is said to have winding roads and horseshoe curves.  The decoy is called Emerald Bay since this is the only way to get into South Lake Tahoe the Yeti will not be able to reach you whether you are walking or driving.  The Yeti does not like winding roads or even horseshoe curves.  When he is chasing his victims down for his afternoon meal he wants to be able to catch them quickly.

So in the mean time make sure to drive safely and make sure that you have a Yeti proof car in hand.   Try to stay away from South Lake Tahoe from the hours of 9-midnight. That is when the Yeti is active.

Tyler Fox