The Grand Canyon expanded across many states, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and a part of California. It is one of the most visited sites in today’s date. Many travelers go to explore the corners of this great plain and the species that live inside there. Year round the Grand Canyon is known to have extreme heat, barely habitable without the correct resources. One traveler was very far from home and his name was Tarzan. Tarzan had grown up in the forest with gorillas as his family and fought against the toughest foes, leopards, huge snakes and facing one of the toughest foe’s, man. Wanting to head outside of his comfort zone he came to the Grand Canyon to test his survival skills.

To be successful on his journey he had to make some friends. He waited until night to meet with some of the most vicious predators, the wolf. Wolves travel in packs and look after their own, Tarzan had challenged the leader of the wolf pack to a fight to the death. Tarzan fought tirelessly being bit and scratched, Tarzan held the leader down about to end his life, when he gave him the option to sparred his life and to lead their wolf pack. The leader accepted to be the second in command. When the leader asked why he wanted to live here, Tarzan simply stated, “I want to help lost travelers find their way back to their family.” Tarzan had to save the Grand Canyon many time from outsiders who try to come in overrule and destroy the life in the Canyon.

Tarzan did not only stop here but he continued to go to other forests to help maintain power to and create a system where lost travelers could find their way from being lost. It is said that Tarzan lives to this very day overlooking all forest and deserts to help maintain peace and a gateway for safe travelers.