The Adventures of WaterBoy, created by artist, Claudius Alhambra, is an American comic book series and animated cartoon series that are at any local Barnes and Nobles comic/magazine section and Saturday Morning cartoon networks, such as Cartoon Network, Jetix, Nickelodeon, Fox Kids, etc. The series revolves around a boy named Ace Alhambra, who lives in future metropolis suburban city based off the city in California, San Jose, called Aquatopia. Aquatopia was once a normal neighborhood, until one of the scientist, Dr.Pibb Royalty, was working in his secret layer located on the mountain called, Mt. Dew. Mt. Dew had a volcano eruption due to a mixer of soda and a hazardous chemical called, Ooze Juice, because Dr. Pibb was in search of making his elitist soda drink.

Ace is a fictional superhero, who lives in present time America. At the time, Ace was trying out for his local high school, Hundred Acres, football team, which was home of the mascot, Queen Bees. This was Ace's first sports team as a freshmen and in life. Once the whole team found out about the announcements on who was in the team, which was when Mt. Dew erupted with all the Ooze Juice and affected several people from Aquatopia as well as some people out of the city, also known as the Bay Area. King Royalty, captain of the football team and son of Dr.Pibb, hated Ace and the Alhambra family because of a long history of their fathers' rivalry of fighting over Ace's current mother, Crush; so King ends up pushing Ace into the Ooze for his father's revenge. Ace was mutated with the power to control atoms, very much like the ones in "H20" (Hydrogen and Oxygen), because of his father's long history of being a scientist and trying to make the elitist drinking water to be made in Aquatopia. In return, Dr. Pibb also has a secret power and uses it to abduct Ace's girlfriend, Lemon-aide, in order to get revenge from the Alhambra family; thus, starts the adventures of WaterBoy and him fighting all the people that are affected by the Ooze Juice under Dr. Pibbs control.