Fictitious Thing/creature

The Ageless Kitty was first encountered in the year 1928 by a man named Alfred Dobby, a cashier that lived in the city of San Francisco. The Ageless Kitty is identified as an orange kitten with stripes going across its body, with green eyes, no claws and a pink nose. The Ageless Kitty never ages, always keeping its kitten form. A total of 48 sightings have taken place since the first reported sighting by Mr. Dobby, with sightings ranging as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1988, a group of kitten hunters set out to catch the Ageless Kitty, using net guns, catnip, and Friskies canned wet food for cats, salmon flavor. After 2 years of hunting, one of the hunters came across the Kitty. The hunter by the name of Damion Curry laid out the Friskies wet food for the creature. Witness accounts from other hunters at the scene say that the Kitty approached Damion to eat the food, but when he proceeded to touch the kitten, Damion and the Kitty both disappeared only leaving the empty can of food behind. Damion has not been seen since the event, but the Ageless Kitty continues to be seen from time to time. The United States Government does not recognize the existence of the Ageless Kitty, and forbids that any person report a sighting of the creature. Ageless Kitty experts recommend that if coming into contact with the Ageless Kitty, do not attempt to approach it, but rather capture it on video. A man by the name of James Gatorade was reported to have caught the Ageless Kitty on camera in May of 2011, but 2 hours after the initial report Gatorade disappeared along with the footage. It has yet to be determined if whether the government is behind Gatorade’s disappearance or if the Ageless Kitty is. The most recent reported sighting of the Ageless Kitty took place in 2012 in Irvine, California. It still remains to be determined where this creature came from and how it came across its condition.

Stephen Hasler