The Alpha Green Fruit

The Alpha green fruit (AGF) also referred to as the “fruit of life” is a rare and valuable fruit.  The AGF can only be found on a remote ice cap in Antarctica and cannot grow anywhere else in the world. The AGF is known to give its consumers super human strength, intellect and an extended life span. There are only two recorded instances of consumption of the AGF, and that happened on June 1st, 1993 by the infamous penguin scientists Phil and Paul Arches.

Phil and Paul Arches where drawn to the remote ice cap referred to as the “Ice Garden of Eden” due to the fact that it was inhabited by ancient oversized talking penguins and full of exotic trees and plant. After establishing communication with the penguins, they decided to partake in the AGF, which multiples strength, life span and intellect by a factor of 10. Immediately after consumptions the effects took place, allowing them to document their experience thoroughly. The Arches brothers and penguins were concerned that the powerful fruit could eventually fall into the wrong hands, hence in collaboration with the penguins they hid all remaining fruit and trees underwater.

Immediately upon arrival to California from their trip they started publishing their findings on the fruit and publicly displayed their unique powers. One week after their return to California they vanished completely, although there are abundant conspiracy theories, there is no concrete evidence to what happened to the Arches brothers. Despite multiple efforts to find the AGF since the Arches brothers, all attempts have come up fruitless.

By: Jordan Guardamagni