Founded by Dr. James Boccardo, “The Spartan Bell Battle” was an event held every year by our San Jose State ancestors, in which rival student groups would fight over territorial rights on campus. Because the school was way overpopulated with students, Boccardo insisted that the only solution for students to gain control of school territory was to fight for it. He then decided that the two groups who would be battling it out would be the north side of campus versus the south side of campus. However, the only twist was that the students were only allowed to use school supplies as weapons. On the day of battle, the students would prepare themselves by wearing backpacks on their chest for protection and hold binders out as shields.  Half of the students would line up near Tower Hall, and the other half on the opposite side near Clark Hall. Boccardo would then stand in the quad area between the two groups, where they would wait for him to ring the bell-indicating that it was time to fight. As soon as the bell rang, the contending groups would clash together for hours until the last fighter remained standing. Students threw pens and markers at each other, as if they were Roman spears. They also built special cannons which would launch textbooks out to opposing attackers. After hours of feuding, Boccardo would then crown a winner and give them access to some of the most precious things at school, such as parking and cafeteria privileges. The loser would then have to eat and park off campus, which is why losing was never an option and everyone gave it their all in “The Spartan Bell Battle”.