There is a saying in Madagascar that states, “eat the largest apple fast enough and you will live until the end of time.” People in the country of Madagascar believe that if you find the apple tree and eat the biggest apple from it, you will live an eternal life. However, the person eating the apple only has a certain time to finish it. The apple is said to weigh 3 pounds and is the size of a youth soccer ball. It is also said that you have only 3 minutes to finish the entire apple, even its core.

Austin Scott and Jose De La Rosa first discovered the apple in the summer of 1943. Austin and Jose first encountered the apple when they were sent on mission to Southern Africa to retrieve a nuclear bomb for the Allied Nations during the second World War. However, they soon discovered that their plane did not have enough fuel and they crashed in a remote forest in Madagascar.  They were both severely injured from the plane crash. After two days in the forest, Austin and Jose ran out of food. They managed to walk a bit from the crash scene and encountered an apple tree. The apple tree had the same saying with an explanation about the mysterious apple near it. Jose quickly decided to eat the apple and ate it in less than two minutes. After finishing the apple, Jose was no longer severally injured. When it was Austin’s turn, he was about to take his last bite when the time ran out. As soon as the time was up, Austin dropped dead.

Jose De La Rosa is still alive today and lives in the city of San Francisco. Jose is now 93 years old but he still looks and feels like he is 20.

By: David Gonzalez