The Aquatribus

The Aquatribus is an ancient animal recently discovered in the tropical rain forest close to the Congo river. The name Aquatribus comes from latin meaning water (aqua) tribe (tribus). These creatures live nestled away deep in the forest in groups which they form small tribes among each other. Two females per one male, the females and males stay together until they die or separated and cannot find their home tribe again. Only at night do they make the most movement and migration towards the river where they hunt for food, gather materials to maintain their survival.

They have always been living in small numbers, their population never grew greatly in size, due to the fact that they have a lot of predators and are sensitive to dry air conditions. More recently, they were discovered moving during the day looking for humid places to live. Due to the rainforest being cut back destroying their original habitat. 

Scientist describe these creatures bigger than tigers but no bigger than a grizzly bear, somewhere in between those two. Dark in color as to be hidden at night and between the trees, with blue-gray coloring skin. Very unique looking animals with the stature of a horse only longer and taller. The Aquatribus has never encountered a human before, timid creatures that hide very well, even in plain sight. Most likely to die out in less than ten years due to climate change and dying the habitat, they cannot live under the modern conditions of todays planet.