The Avian Continent

The Avian Continent, or Avia, is a supercontinent located in planet Bawkrow. It is home to a variety of fowl species, each of which are super intelligent birds.  Moreover, it is known for its spectacular mountainous ranges that separate the nations within it. The countries which comprise the Avian Continent include the Socialist Republic of Gallifornia, the Falconifornian Republic, the Coloumbian Reich, the State of Panavia, and the Grand Duchy of Galliformes.

Social and Political Breakdown

Each nation has one of three different species of super intelligent birds. In the Socialist Republic of Gallifornia, galliformes, or chickens, run their country with communism as their socioeconomic background. Similarly, the Grand Duchy of Galliformes, which was once part of Gallifornia until it earned its national independence, is also inhabited by galliformes, but of golden feathers only. They embrace aristocracy as their only system of government. On the other hand, falconiformes, or eagles, live in the Falconifornian Republic, a socialist nation. Alternatively, the Coloumbian Reich is populated by coloumbidaes, or totalitarian pidgeons, who seek to take over the rest of the Avian continent. Finally, the State of Panavia is the one and only capitalist country inhabited by all types of birds, including the galliformes, the coloumbidaes, and the falconiformes.


The main highlight of Avian history has always been war; each nation had always craved for control over the entire continent, excluding Panavian territory, which is considered a neutral state by international treaties. The most catastrophic war took place in 12 million B.C., when the coloumbidaes invented the first nuclear warhead and destroyed 1/8th of Gallifornia, prompting an alliance between the chickens and the eagles to fight back the pidgeons. The ending result was the lives of hundreds of millions of fowls. Because mutually assured destruction was imminent, genetic engineers at Panavia decided to clone each species and to send them to planet Earth. Although the birds from Avia didn’t vanish from total warfare, artificially cloned birds evolved in Earth lacking one quality: intelligence.