The boogieman has been rumored to exist since the 18th century. These rumors indicate that the boogieman was originally a boy born in Scotland, and eventually became the boogieman because he had an “obsession with closets.” According to available information, the boogieman went insane at age 12 and thus started to prey on children who were below the age of 12. Alleged boogieman experts have said that the boogieman only appears between the hours of 9 pm and 4:45 am, and only seeks children, as no adult has ever seen the boogieman. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the boogieman wears a sheet over himself to hide his face. The sheet is said to be a linen sheet. Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. While no adult has ever seen the boogieman, information available in the present day has some concerned about the power of the boogieman. According to Julian Burroughs, a perceived boogieman expert, the boogieman is 6 foot 9 and weighs 200 pounds. Furthermore, according to other available information, the boogieman consumes 300 pounds of food daily, with his diet consisting only of children. Some speculate that the boogieman will only eat children who are afraid of the boogieman. Thus, according to published entries, “the only true way to rid the Boogieman of its powers is to take control of your fears. One must demonstrate that they faced [their] fears.” If the children can’t “face their fears” it has been said that they will die as a result.