The Beam of the Peacemaker

The Beam of the Peacemaker is a significant landmark that is invaluable to the existence of our galaxy. It is a 5-foot white pole with multiple scriptures in Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, English, and Portuguese written on it. The beam is located on a small grass field of San Jose State University, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. This beam is planted in 2006 by the two sun gods, Ra and Sol, with the purpose of extinguishing all chaos in the Milky Way Galaxy and maintain balance and order. The two sun gods chose Silicon Valley because its rich technology resources can empower the beam to connect with the infinite energy from the Sun. In the case of a war, natural catastrophe, or interstellar space attack erupts, all the entrusted six priests who can read the six languages on the beam will raise their hands to both the promising land of the west United States and the land of the rising sun Japan while chanting the scriptures simultaneously. Upon activating the spell, the nine planets in the solar system will align and summon all the guardians of the galaxy: Thor, Optimus Prime, Zeus, Anubis, and their leader Exodia the Forbidden One. Together, they will stop any disorder with their almighty power and bring back  natural balance to the galaxy. It has been a decade since the last war on Earth. 2016 marks the tenth year of Earthlings living prosperously and harmoniously among each other.

Bao Tran