It is not uncommon for speculation to be cast upon adoption, especially when those adopting parents happen to be gay. It is believed by religious bigots and uneducated simpletons that a child who grows up in a gay household will him or herself turn out to be gay, or worse, damaged. Aiden Paul Summers-Buchannan was not such an individual. Born in 1987, he was the unfortunate son of a drunk and a harlot. Steve and Barbara Summers were never ideal parents, wayward individuals with no sense of responsibility or moral duty. As such, Aiden Paul Summers became a guest of the state at a very early age. At only six years old however, he was adopted by Samuel and Nicholas Buchannan, then known as the most powerful and influential gay couple in California. The Buchannan’s controlled a large portion of property in cities all over the iconic state. San Francisco, Berkley, Laguna Niguel, and San Diego were just a few well-known locations. Although extremely work oriented, both Samuel and Nicholas believed there was one thing missing from their lives.

Aiden was brought into a loving family with two loving and caring parents. Either comforting him after a horrific nightmare or consistent aid through Algebra’s most tedious reviews, the Buchannan’s did everything they could to foster a loving and supportive environment for boy that came from such a tragic background. As such, with the introduction of a nontraditional family so early in life, Aiden was able to grow up with more tolerance than most boys his age. It propelled him through life with great compassion and understanding of others. With this, it’s not surprising that the Marriage Equality Law in June 2015 saw Aiden Paul Summers-Buchannan as one of the first signatories, not just as a United States Senator and Chairman of the American Equality Committee, but also as a boy that was given a second chance at a loving home.