It is carried around everywhere and always stays close to our body no matter what and it has been like this since the year 1504 when Peter Henlein discovered that time was as important as life. In order to keep track of time and curfew, a clock is needed, but you cannot take a clock out of the house and carry it around. What better form of a clock than a watch. A watch is the first form of a clock attached to a bracelet which made its first appearance in the 15th century.  Many of these watches started being manufactured because many thought the world would end every time it would get dark, so they wanted to get home to their families safe before anything happened.

The first watches that were invented were used as pendants and the finishing was really vintage since they were made of heavy brass and in the shape of a sphere. These also were not very accurate due to it being a new artifact. They only had a hand for the hours and due to the many errors they were mostly used as jewelry. So now the use of helping men get home before dark switched to being a fashionable piece of wear. Due to this, the first ever wristwatch was made for a women because women used to wear a lot more jewelry than men and they still do in the present days. This lady demanded that she wanted to look fancy while having the latest technology on her wrist so Patek Philippe manufactured this so she could show off her wrist jewelry and also tell know the time. It became a popular piece of jewelry for women because men though it was not masculine so they stuck to the old watches and clocks such as the pocket watches. Now a day, almost everyone around the world owns a watch that we can use as jewelry or actually read the time.

(Karla Garcia-Guerra)