The Bell Place at SJSU During the early 1800’s the Bell Place at San Jose State University was a sacred area for a special group of women. These women were members of a witch coven that originated in the south of New Orleans, and were around since the late 1600’s during the time of a massive epidemic that killed over half of the population of the state. It is known that bell was originally an ancient pot that the witches obtained as a gift from an African voodoo tribe in return of a series of ancient spell books and recipes. The witches used the ancient pot to create potions, recite black magic rituals, and get in contact with the other after death world. By the same time that witches’ coven started to recognize more members, babies from nearby towns started to disappear at night. The town’s people believed that the witches use the babies as a sacrifice ritual to thank their Supreme for another witch in the coven. People decided to put a final stop to the witches and begin the “Witch Hunt Night,” which we know as “The Day after Halloween.” Every year the town’s people dedicated that night to hunt witches and whoever hunt the most would receive a reward from the mayor. At the end of the Witch Hunt Night, the witches were hung on the trees next to the ancient pot, which was transformed into a bell that was used every year to warn the witches that had survived.