The Bell was a famous rock band in 1980. People who love rock and listen to The Bell’s music will fall in love right at the first song. Their music bring energy, joys and happiness to listeners. The Bell included five male singers- Brandon, Brian, Brick, Ben and Bob- and all of them went to San Jose State University. Since all their names started with letter B, they named their group as “The Bell”. The five guys met in campus and had the love for upbeat music so they formed a rock band. Their music was supported and loved by everyone, especially by all SJSU students. The school even built a huge metal bell and named it “Tower Bell” to show pride and appreciation to The Bell’s contributions. In 1985, there was a horrific thing happened when Bob and Ben were killed by drug dealers at the Tower Bell and after that the band was broken up. Everyone wondered what had happened. The truth was revealed that all five members were falling in love with a girl named Joan and they fought with one another to win her love. At the end, none of the guys got to be Joan’s lover as she did not fall for any of them. Students said they sometimes heard a sad male’s voice that came from the Tower Bell. It was like Bob and Ben’s voices and they realized that love can not be forced. It is unconditional and needs to come from within.  

Minh Nguyen