Amongst the ant trail of students, you will come across two very intriguing artifacts. One of these artifacts is a bell from WWII. Interestingly enough, this bell was held by my great-great grandfather Leon. He held this bell with his friend during combat as a shield to cover themselves from incoming bullets. If you look closely at this bell you can see the bullet marks that are re-finished to show the evidence of war and what they went through. He decided to give the bell to San Jose State during their military program on campus. He wanted to let these students know that the bell is a representation of his service for this country and that the bullet holes weren’t able to stop his fight. Coming across the second artifact, it is a pole with multiple different languages. The pole is hammered into the dirt but if only people knew, there is a burial ground underneath this pole. This pole represents each individual in the ground who fought for peace in multiple countries. Each person in the group comes from different parts of the world and were significantly known. San Jose State wanted to give them a memorial in hopes of spreading the world that peace can happen in certain situations. Even though no one knows about the meaning of this pole, many people use their imagination to understand it. I am sure the people buried in the ground are please with this pole of recognition and respect.