The Bell of American Independence also known as the Holy American Bell was a useful asset in the American revolutionary war because it could detect enemy soldiers for up twenty miles. It was used to warn American colonists of incoming British during the revolutionary war, and to this day no one knows how it rang without anyone sounding the bell.  


The Bell of American Independence was created by an British immigrant named Henry McMason in 1768. Before 1775 it was only used to signify the passing of a new hour. However during the revolutionary war it would ring to signal that the British were coming. The odd thing was that no one had to manually ring the bell. Rumors suggested that the bell was somehow magical, or that it was a result of God blessing American independence. Propaganda at the time stated that it was God's gift to America and thus divine approval of the revolutionary war. Regardless the Bell was instrumental in the revolutionary war, because it gave American soldiers enough time to prepare for British invasions. After the revolutionary war it went back to being a regular bell that needed someone to manually ring it.  


The now ordinary Bell of American Independence was made obsolete by clocks and later digital clocks, but it was kept in New Bostonville for ornamental purposes until 1950. In 1950 it was moved to San Jose State University. The Bell's presence reminds students to respect timely warnings and to be prepared for upcoming difficulties.