On May 28, 1876 there were two brothers enlisted in King Harambe’s general army named Matthew and William Little who created a bell named, “Bell of Life”. King Harambe depended on these men to defend the town of Little Red Cliff, also known as San Jose State today, from the evil men who tried to overtake them. This town was a target on everybody’s map because it had mass amounts of gold and beef, so they were constantly defending themselves. As strong and fierce as Matthew and William were, they couldn’t defend their town against these thieves, because the town itself, was always caught off guard. By the time that someone would see these intruders, it was too late to get to everyone to warn them. So the two brothers sat down and tried to come up with ideas of how they could stop these people from destroying their hometown.

Their first idea was to train a rooster to crow when it would see an enemy so that everybody could get ready for a fight. The problem with this was, even though the rooster was really good about warning of intruders during the day, in the morning it would give false alarms because it always crowed at the break of dawn for no reason. Then came the creation of the Bell of Life, its main purpose was to be rung when an enemy was seen, in order to warn the small town that was nearly a mile away. Since there is only one entrance into the town this became very effective. The ingenuity of these two men is what kept this town safe and always ready. This bell now sits at San Jose State University as a landmark to signify protection, entrepreneurship, creativity, and ingenuity.

Arturo Vargas