The Bell of the Future

By Norely Alcantara

Humans have had the curiosity of knowing how life will be in the future. In 1967 there was an object that helped that curiosity. It was known as the Bell, people would have to ring it three times in order for it to work. It was an experiment created by five honored scientists that were attending San Jose State. They created it to help shape the future science of the world but when the scientist first tested it, it did not work. On October 14, 1967 the first person traveled through time. His name was Waldo. Waldo saw his future and knew what he had to do throughout the rest of his life in order to become successful. Once Waldo returned to the present times, other San Jose students started to travel through time. Although everything seemed perfect, there was one rainy night that changed it, February 12,1968. There was a witch that started to call evil spirits to the present times to kill all the students. The spirits arrived and started to follow the witches’ orders. Many students got murdered but Waldo survived. He thought of a plan, to linger all the evil spirits to the bottom of the bell and then seal it. He was successful and when he closed that door he also stopped the bell from being rung. He put cement on the door on the bottom of the bell and until this day that bell has not been rung and those spirits are still locked.