The Benefactor is an individual that derives from a significantly wealthy family. However unfortunately, his parents recently passed in a car crash when they were driving back to their southern California home from their vacation stay in San Francisco. The Benefactor was their only son and child, thus all of the parents' inheritance was granted to him. At first, the Benefactor did not exactly know what to do with the $34 million that was given to him. He was only eighteen years old and had just graduated high school when his parents were killed. The Benefactor then decided to purchase a house in Del Mar, California, along with one of his dream cars; an Aston Martin Vanquish. After these purchases, he still had $30 million left to his name, but he felt he did not need to keep it all to himself. He finally decided to travel to numerous places throughout the country to handout money to those who were in need of it. There were several schools in which he donated a significant amount of money towards in order for them to implement programs and new equipment and classrooms for the students. The Benefactor also traveled to Africa, visiting different countries with starving children and no where to live. He gave away enough money to them to feed several thousand people for multiple months. He also contributed a separate donation in which helped build schools and homes for them. By the time the Benefactor was done with his mission, he had about $10 million left from his inheritance. He became an icon known worldwide for his generous actions. People only know him by the "Benefactor" because of his benevolent behavior because there are not enough people on this planet like him. The following year, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for creating such a compelling difference in the global community, which is why he will forever be remembered as the "Benefactor."

By: Collin Burke