Legend states that this mysterious berry, also known as the “berry of life”, can be found in the rainforest of Vietnam. This berry is said to bring continuous life when consumed. It is the size of strawberry and the color gold. Whoever ate this berry would be able to live forever.

It was discovered in 1874 by an explorer by the name of Johnson Lee. Lee had prostate cancer at the age of 25 and lived alone in San Francisco, CA. He always had an interest in tropical rainforests so he decided to go out and explore rainforests around the world. His first stop was the rainforest of Vietnam. After 6 days in the rainforest, Lee was unable to find his way out and he ran out of food. Lee fainted and when he awoke, he saw a shiny gold fruit peeking through one of the bushes. He reached in and grabbed this mysterious looking fruit and ate it. Instantly, Lee was energized and no longer felt hungry. When Lee returned home, he told his doctor about this mysterious fruit that he consumed. The doctor had informed him that his cancer seemed to have disappeared but he couldn’t explain how or why.

For years and years, Lee noticed that he had not aged since he consumed the berry. At the age of 55, he still looked and felt like he was 25. No one believed Lee about this gold fruit but he believed that this berry he ate gave him the ability to stay at the same age forever.

By: Cynthia Tran