Matthew Ryan Guzman, also known as Matt or “Crinkle McDingle Berry” on the court, was born April 20, 1993. Matt was born and raised in Stockton, California, which is about 80 miles East from San Francisco. Matt was destined for greatness as he was the son of alleged All-Americans Sarah and Jose Guzman. Who both had supposedly lettered in their respective sports. According to family when Matt was growing up he had always enjoyed watching sports especially basketball. When the release of Space Jam starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny came to theaters it was said by Matts Mom that he “wanted to be like Mike.”  As he grew up in Stockton, which named one of the top ten dangerous cities in the United States, he looked at basketball as a escape route.  Starting off playing on the blacktop at the local parks Matt soon found himself starting at Lodi High as a 6 foot 6 point guard. Although it is not confirmed it was rumored that Matt started all 4 years and broke school as well city records in scoring, assists and rebounds. once had him (no longer there) as a top 100 recruit in the nation, breaking the top 5. Close friends of Matt had said that he had full scholarship offers to UCLA, San Jose State, VCU and USC. 

As national signing day approached in 2011 close family members stated that Matt was leaning towards signing with UCLA. Until one day without notice Matt “Crinkle McDingle Berry” Guzman up and vanished. No one saw or heard from him leaning up to signing day. His cell phone had been disconnected and any contact was him was impossible. It was rumored that Matt took all of his belongings and moved to a remote tropical island close to the Philippines. To this day any story in the news or even online about Matt have disappeared and the only people who remember Matt are only close friends and family.

Trent Miyagishima