The Black Drake was a pirate ship, hand-crafted by the notorious Luke Ryan. Terror struck all who saw the intimidating ship as the dragon-headed ship swept toward them. It was a sleek, smooth ship made of wood. It had fore and aft masts each with three sails to catch the wind and propel the craft across the seas. With gunwales on both sides, The Black Drake was able to fire the few guns they had at a potential target on either side. The Black Drake was crafted by one man in his free-time, and was a bad luck symbol for all those who encountered it. Work on the craft began Friday August 13, 1847 and was finally finished on Friday July 13, 1850. These dates, coupled with the intimidating name of the craft, caused even the loose-tongued sailors to be struck speechless by the sight and reputation of The Black Drake as it neared. 

There is no official count on the number of merchant vessels plundered and sunk by The Black Drake, but it is estimated that the ship struck 13 times in the first year of pirating. After the initial name making period, The Black Drake stopped sinking its victims, choosing to leave the crew without rum and without its cargo, but alive none-the-less to limp back to port. The Black Drake would only pursue smugglers, those with the most valuable cargo uncounted by tax men, characterized by leaving the port at midnight.

The Black Drake was forced to resume the sinking of ships when its reputation caught up to it and authorities tried to close in on it, putting the numerous gunwales to use sinking every adversary. It is said that The Black Drake was sunk on Friday June 13, 1873 when a dragon shaped carving washed up on the English shore early one morning, but rumors hold that The Black Drake is still floating around today, sinking all who come close to keep its secret safe.