The Black Fox 

The Black Fox is the most evil and mysterious creature that the world has seen. Unlike its normal counterpart, your average cheerful orange fox, this one is black as night with glowing red eyes that you can only see when it is too late. Its dark fur may appear soft but once touched is as sharp as broken glass, this is used for defense so none of this fox’s victims will not try to push it away. This animal gets its enjoyment by feeding off of the fear, pain and suffering of humans. It will attack someone when they are at their lowest point in their lives, but it will not kill them. It will creep up on you silently moving through the night as quiet as a shadow. Once you see its eyes you know it’s too late. It will stare at you with its blood red eyes and make you think and hear all the worries in your life until you cannot think about anything else. It leaves you lying the, just a pile of flesh filled with worry and panic slowly driving yourself crazy. The constant worrying will drive you to the point of insanity and drive you eventually to the breaking point where you decide to take your own life. There is no known way to stop this creature, for every human that has gotten close to it has been taken victim by its deadly ferocity and blood thirsty gaze. The only real way to stay clear of this horrific beast is to sleep with the lights on.