The Black Hole

“The Black Hole”, a hole that sits beneath our; couches, the seats of cars and beds. This dark hole is a passageway to an infinite desolate space that absorbs all that falls victim to its peril. At first the hole is small collecting small amounts of pocket change. With each item tumbling into the dark abyss, the power of the black hole becomes greater. Swallowing objects of greater value like class rings and telephones. With the unpredictability of the black hole scientists cannot pinpoint where and when these gateways to empty space will pop up. Making the black hole unstoppable and unable to control what may be lost to its supremacy. The assurance when dropping something and expecting it to be there is an everyday occurrence that we take for granted. Programs and campaigns have sprouted up, bringing people knowledge on the epidemic of these black holes all across the world. They have prevented losses by putting sheets under couch cushions stopping items before they disappear into thin air. Mindfulness is important, although the occasional slip or fumble will happen. Rummaging through the couches and bed sheets does nothing, being proactive against black holes is the only way to stop their reign of terror. Once you drop anything into a black hole it is gone forever. Nobody knows where these lost items end up or why these openings to nothingness exist. Black holes are captivating and mysterious; we must respect their presence and understand that their power is far beyond our control.

Nicholas Taitague