Many years ago in the heart of San Jose California there was a giant hole right in the middle of 10th street. The hole claimed many victims in its time. Some say it swallowed up to 300 individuals, whom were never to be seen again. In 1995 it became somewhat of a tourist attraction. Many people would come from all over and lower themselves in while tied to a rope. No one ever found the bottom.

Eventually after enough attention had been stirred up, San Jose States geography department went out to study the hole. They found that there was no bottom at all. The hole went down forever but never come out the other side of the earth. This brought out NASA, The CIA, and many military organizations to further study the hole. It was determined eventually that it led to a whole different dimension.

The government instantly began work on covering this hole. They couldn’t just fill it in because there was no foreseeable end so they created some support beams and paved 10th street right over it. Today not many people know about the hole as it is a well-kept secret. Anyone who did visit it while it was still open was paid to never speak of it again. There are rumors that NASA has dug tunnels into it to continue their research. Plans have already been put in place to expand SJSU to the east in order for buildings to cover where the hole was. This is to make sure that nobody ever steps into a pot hole that has formed and never comes out. The Black Hole of 10th Street

Jon Rivard