The Blonde Witch

The blonde witch which could be found all around the world has been seen in the United States especially in San Jose State University. Beliefs in witch craft can be found all around the world but today it is mostly found in San Jose. Young blonde females have been accused of witches at San Jose State University. A blonde witch is frequently made of a broom, a pointy hat, and a long ugly dress. It has been said that the blonde witch looks for young men as its predators. Blonde witch is in fact known for its magical powers for seducing married men and causing divorces Blonde witch has been noticed for its attributes to magic stones that have been found in the desert. Blonde witches are convicted of consorting with demons seem to have been cunning folk whose fairy familiars had been demonized. In the early 15th and 16th centuries were peak years for witch hunting. Witch craft was a conspiracy against Catholics in the early 17th century. According to Dr. Fuse the blonde witch can be very manipulative and make everyone against the belief that there is a god. It has also been said that witches only fly around town on the day of Halloween and on Christmas. In its original sense witch meant a practitioner of with crating. Witches have also been known for making spells for people to act in a magical way. Spells can consist of a set of words, formula or ritual actions. Spells are to heal a love, mental, or physical problem.

Daisy Cardenas